Press release - 2018

Laval, August 09, 2018.

With the satisfaction of all customers at heart, VL Communications innovates and develops ever more efficient tools. The company is proud to make available via AB Magique SMS (Shop Management Software) an integration of the excellent Mitchell1 ProDemand or ShopKey Pro tool.

From this day on, workshops using AB Magique and Mitchell1 can now benefit from this integration allowing them to transfer the information from "Labor", "Parts", "Maintenance" and Fluids" tabs in ther Mitchell1, directly onto the current customer's estimate in AB Magique Software.

This integration allows the workshop manager, among other things, to quickly prepare excellent estimates. Furthermore, it allows workshops to increase their profits by providing the appraiser with an exhaustive list of maintenance work based on industry standard. It's a marvel for any shop.

AB Magique has thousands of customers across Canada, from Yukon to Nunavut, to Halifax! This software is available in both official languages, from coast to coast.

This new feature can be found in the 2018.015 version of the downloadable software at or call 1-800-268-4044 to get your free demo version. AB Magique is an "all-in-one" software and the only one to offer MDI (Multiple Document Interface).

Karole Lauzier
V.L. Communications
(450)963-8940 ext 101