Update 2018.015 is now available

New Mitchell1 integration

The new integration with Mitchell1 allows users of and ShopKey Pro to transfer the information from the labor guide to the customer's estimate in a couple of clicks.

A subscription to or ShopKey Pro is mandatory to use this integration.

Fix for the appointment grid

With the mandatory update of Windows 10 (v1709 and up), certain users had difficulties with the creation and modification of appointments.

We have found the cause of the issue and have applied a fix in order to solve the problematic introduced by Microsoft.

Napa Prolink SE language selection

A checkbox has been added to select the desired language when accessing the Napa ProLink SE integration.

InfoCat Plus data transfer

It is now possible, for InfoCat Plus customers who want AB Magique, to transfer invoices data to AB Magique.

Please note that this process take a little bit more time than the classic transfer. Don't hesitate to contact us for more info!