Information regarding backups

Dear customers,

Technology is advancing at an incredible speed. With the advancement of technology unfortunately comes the creation of new computer viruses whose goal is to hold your data hostage. VL Communications and its team would like to inform you of good practices in order to avoid unpleasant surprises for your company concerning the data of your software.

- Make backup copies on more than one backup device (usb key, external hard drive, etc.);

- Make sure you have an active and up-to-date antivirus software on your workstations. Note that by default, Windows 10 provides an effective and free antivirus;

- Some companies offer online backup services. Ask these companies if you are interested in these services;

- Be careful when copying your data. You can easily MOVE a file rather than COPY it, the COPY and CUT functions being very close to each other;

- Be careful of the emails you open. This type of virus is often transmitted by opening email attachments from questionable senders.

Although we do everything possible to help you, it is unfortunately impossible for our technical support to recover your data if they are encrypted or in the event of equipment failure. A backup is the only way to get your software back up and running.

Thank you for your understanding,

Tech technical support team